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Uitslag van de tentoonstelling gehouden in Bleiswijk op 2 november 2003
Keurmeester: Mevr. F.M. Marshall (GBR)
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1652 Jakabhegye-Vadasz Buda
NHSB 2375777, G: 09.02.02, F: B. Gabor, V: Blahafurdoi Rona, M.: Borostyanko Lencsi, E: J.E. Kamsteeg – Slot
19 month good breed type. Correct coat. Head of good proportion. Good dentition. Correct augulation. Grouty ear. Good bone and feet. Well developed in body and loin for age. Good flowig movement
1. Excellent. CAC+CACIB.BOB
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1653 Quodian’s Kayusz WJK’03
NHSB 2402878, G: 05.05.02, F: L. van Essen, V: Ott du Domaine Saint Hubert, M: Quodian’s Byzar, E : C. Van Pouderoyen
1 ½ years. Head in good proportion. Good eye and dentition. Angulation front and rear could be better, but is balanced. Needing much time to develop. Very proud of his tail which should be carried horizontally on the move. Movement only fairly good but used his hocks well.
1. Very good
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1654 Quodijins Ancsa Csinos
NHSB 2414988, G: 29.07.02, F: J. Jonkers-Both, V: Gyarmat Erdei Csausz,
M: Kamp. Quodian’s Banyá Arányos, E: J. Roggekamp- de Vries
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1676 Soltis Mephisto Floq
NHSB 2367959, G: 18.08.01, F/ E. : W.K. Anema, V: Kamp. Hubertus Remidius Melbor, M: Soltis Marie
2 years old. Big raugy dog, all in proportion. Good eye and dentition. Ears well set. Good angulation, both front and rear. Well developed in body. Good strength in loin. Correct tail set and croupe. Sound, free movement.
3. Excellent
1677 Vadâszfai Legény (Polevik)
NHSB 2480885, G: 02.06.02, F: Csizmaziáné Varga Katalin, V: Zámi Bago, M: Vadászfai Dacos, E: O.S. en G.C.M. van der Heijden
16 months. A super young dog with a junior handler who tried his best. Beatiful outline when stacked and excellent sound movement when moving freely round the ring. Beatiful head, eye and expression. Excellent augulation and at right stage of development for age. With more practice will help to show off the dogs good qualities.
1. Excellent. Res. CAC + Res. CACIB
1678 Nero
NHSB 2243195, G: 27.05.99, F: I. Haarman,
V: Sharmarkasch Boy, M: Pitypang Saci, E: L.J. Barnhoorn
4 ½ years. Expertly handled. Well made dog. Excellent proportions. Excellent head and expression. Well balanced augulation. Good depth of body and strength in loin. Sound free positive movement.
2. Excellent
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1679 Arany Mezô Lajos
NHSB 2380528, G: 08.01.02, F: J.W.M. Kors-Siegelaar, V: Kamp. Hubertus
Remidius Melbor, M: Kamp. Arany Mezô Derby Aranka, E: M. Turna-v. Gelderop
21 months upstanding dog. Head of good proportions. Good eye and expression. Well laid shoulder. Good depth of body. Rathes loupes in loin. Could have more strength in kind quarters, but moved out well with a free groundcovering stride.
2. Excellent
1680 Sharmarkasch Ivar
NHSB 2385397, G: 31.01.02, F: M. Scherphof-Kamphuis, V: Sharmarkasch Ferenc Kehrin, M: Sharmarkasch Dozsa, E: L. Barnhoorn
21 months. Well matured dog. Excellent head, eye and expression. Good dentition. Strong muscular neck and well laid shoulder. Excellent augulation both front and rear. Well developed in body with good strength in his loin. Good straight front and parallel kind quarters. Giving excellent front and rear movement.
1. Excellent
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1681 Arany Mezô Hanno-Quito
NHSB 2320840, G: 28.10.00, F: J.W.M. Kors-Siegelaar, V: Kamp. Hubertus Remidius Melbor, M: Kamp. Arany Mezô Derby Aranka, E: J.L.B. Halier & J.M.V. Aedo
3 years old upstanding dog.head in good proportion but rathes plain for me. Good neck and shoulder. Well proportioned in body. Good stifle and kind quarters. Moved out with free positive stride.
2. Excellent
1682 Bedai Gazsi BJW’01
FCI 0014662, G:06.09.00, F: L. Herger, V: Valleyhunter Yankee at Bedai, M: Luppa-Vadasz Dongo ‘Csenge’, E: F. Coussens
3 years well matured dog. Presents a good outline, both standing and moving. Excellent head and expression. Muscular neck. Well laid shoulder. Body of good proportions, strong in loin. Straight front and rear. Giving correct movement.
1. Excellent. CAC/CACIB/BOB
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1683 Sharmarkasch Gentle Lady
NHSB 2302498, G: 27.05.00, F: M. Scherphof, V: Sharmarkasch Dubar,
M: Xanthi Amber of Toy Town, E: B. Tas
3 years well developed. Very feminin with quality. Excellent head and expression. Correct balanced augulation. Good depth of body. Short coupled in loin. Well muscled over his croupe with a good tail set. Moved out with a correct positive movement.
1. Excellent. Res.CAC
1684 Morzsi
NHSB 2373723, G : 09.07.01, F/E : J. Haarman, V: Sharmakasch Dzsajko,
M: Pytipang Saci
A taller, more raugy bitch. 2 years old. Darker colour. Head of good proportion. Correct, moderate augulation. Well developed in body and loin. Moved out well.
2. Excellent
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1685 Dorka v.d. Achthoevenslag
NHSB 2421107, G: 23-12-02, F: C. Beersen, V: Kamp. Hubertus Chivas Regal
M: Soltis Marie, E: J.W.M. Kors-Siegelaar
A very smart 10 months baby. Very feminin with everything in proportion. Feminin head with lots of room for development. Very alert expression. Excellent balanced augulation. Good strength in loin. Well developped in thigh. Good parallel kind quarters. Excellent profile on the move, covered the ground well with a correct, sound movement.
1. Excellent. CAC